Surfboat at Maenporth 

A surf boat is 8 meters long, weighs approximately 230 kg and costs $20,000 fully fitted with oars. It takes 4 rowers and a sweep to power through surf, ranging from dead flat up to headhigh and sometimes bigger. The sweep`s duties include steering the boat, coaching the crew and working out various ways in blaming everyone else for any crashes. Sweeps never make mistakes.

There are 5 grades in surf boat racing. Open Men, Open Women, Reserve, Under 19 and Under21. Also, there is competition for the the geriatrics of the association, known as the Masters. Age groups for the Masters start at over 30. Competitive racing involves a 400m row out throught the surf, rounding a buoy and catching a wave back in, with a sprint finish along the beach to a flag.

The size of the surfboat lends itself perfectly to sponsorship, as demonstrated by the Perranporth boat, right. St Agnes is currently looking for sponsorship their new surfboat. Please see the Sponsors section for further details.