This is where the magic happens!

Launch & Landing Zone
It all begins here. Don't let the appearance of the smooth golden sand and tranquil waters fool you. Many a surfboat launch has been scuppered by savage attacks from monster weaver fish and intimidating shouts of "wedgie boys" from the surf club nippers.

The Volcano
Often confused for humble mining waste, it is a little know fact that St Agnes has it's very own volcano. To the east, high above Trevaunance Cove, you can regularly see surfboat athletes bravely ascending her dangerous slopes. Lying dormant for most of the week, you can be sure that the beast will awaken for Wednesday night circuit training.
The volcano (click to enlarge)

Riverdance Steps
Lying to the north-west of Trevaunance Cove, Riverdance Steps offer a totally unique challenge to the circuit trainer. But fear not, as Lord of the
Trevaun-ance instructors are at hand to help develop and nurture your very own style of hill-top hiking.

Riverdance steps (click to enlarge)
Levitation Steps
David Blane has nothing on Aggie levitation pioneer, Kit Watkins. Within a stone's throw of the surfclub there is a magical training location where you can witness gravity defying feats.
Levitation steps (click to enlarge)
The Harbour Wall
Before storms destroyed the harbour in 1914 it took incredible seamanship to navigate ships safely within the harbour walls. The last, stubborn remains now provide a navigational hazard for the novice sweep.
Granite Dips
Guns of steel from granite benches! Just one of the locations for Dan Stirling's infamous pyramid exercises.
Granite Dips (click to enlarge)
Beach Sprints
Plyometric exercises carry increased risk of injury due to the powerful forces generated during training and performance, and should only be performed by well-conditioned individuals who are under supervision. Good job we just combine standing long jumps with a short sprint.
The Rock
Ironwork on the top of the rock was once used to help maneuver ships into St Agnes harbour. There are a outspoken minority who think that this technique should still be used to guide novice sweeps ashore.

Aggie Surf Club
Spiritual home, and sometimes storage site, for the Aggie surfboat. The Aggie surfboat crew are proud to be part of the second oldest surf lifesaving club in the country.

St Agnes Surf Club
Schooners Bistro
Good food, cheap beer and stunning views. Schooners is a much favoured haunt of the Aggie athletes after a strenuous training session. Paparazzi often lie in wait here.
Schooners Bistro
The Driftwood Spars
Another quality distraction for that post-workout warm-down. Many a fundraiser has been planned within these walls... just a pity no one can remember them.